Karekin Dickran

New Book in Danish:
Danish Witnesses to The Armenian Genocide 1915
ISBN 978-87-7695-140-5

This book released in november 2009 is a comprehensive attempt by the author, Helle Schøler Kjær and journalist at the Danmarks Radio, to write a popular history about testimonies of three Danish witnesses to the Armenian genocide. A creditable and easy readable book aimed to educate the Danish public in general as well as the members of the Danish government and an important step to combat the Turkish denial of the Armenian Genocide.

The book titled: ³Danish Witnesses to The Armenian Genocide 1915², by publishing house Vandkunsten, sheds light on the three Danes reports, accounts and the diaries of the Danish Missionary Maria Jacobsen who was stationed at Harpoot/Mezreh, 1907-1919 and watched the persecutions of Armenians and provided clandestine relief up to 5,000 Armenian, widows and orphans. The second source is Karen Jeppe´s witnesses, stationed at Ourfa by the German Orientmission and later in Aleppo, the entire chapter is about rescue and resistance also her biography. A chapter is dedicated to the Danish envoy Carl Ellis Wandell´s writings, and who state the fact that the sole intention of deportations is to annihilate all Armenian nation from their historic homeland, planned and executed by the Turkish government.

Helle Schøler Kjær has put substantial emphasis upon many citations from Maria Jacobsen, Karen Jeppe and Carl Ellis Wandel´s writings, that leaves no doubts about the intentions of the Turkish government when they described the deportations to the Syrian desert. Their unanimous conclusion is: ³Extermination of the Armenian People.² There are a range of passages from Maria Jacobsen´s diaries and Carl Ellis Wandel´s reports that describe the atrocities, mass executions during the deportations that were all well organized and took place with official sanction and calculated state policy.

Most of the source materials of the book are preserved in Danish State Archives, with valuable eye witness accounts and firsthand information's in real time that sheds good light upon; what really happened to the Armenians within the Ottoman Empire. The book contains relevant information's, researched by the historian Matthias Bjørnlund who had his  master thesis on the Armenian Genocide, particularly the invaluable insight of the Danish envoy Carl Ellis Wandel reports to the Danish government about his insight into the Armenian Genocide while it unfolded.

Ambassador Henry Morgenthau's accounts is included to cast more light into his reports to the American government which corresponds to the accounts of the three Danish witnesses. Pages are displayed with photo materials and about the background of WW1 I and the history of Armenia, and the trials and few punishment of the perpetrators of the Crime against humanity. The main source is "The Turkish Military Tribunal's Prosecution of the Authors of the Armenian Genocide: Four Major Court-Martial Series," valuable passages from the research materials of Vahakn N. Dadrian Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, Professor of Sociology at the State University of New York, Geneseo, and the director of a large genocide study. The last chapter is about the founder of the Turkish republic Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his acknowledgment about the crimes of Young Turk Party, the Committee of Union and Progress.


Publishing House, Vandkunsten